Application platform

Connecting all production and operating technologies, regardless of manufacturer, into one easy-to-use environment.

Security for people and property

CCTV, public lighting, perimeter security system, security gates – access control.

Transport infrastructure

CCTV, parking management, pedestrian crossing, LED information screens, electric mobility.

Public space

Photovoltaics, CCTV, public lighting, IoT, irrigation system, cycle stand, smart bins, SOS Point.

Smart City Polygon

Smart City Polygon is a unique technology project by OMEXOM GA Energo.

The aim of the Smart City Polygon project is to spread awareness of Smart City not only in terms of technology, but above all as a new, responsible way of managing infrastructure in cities and municipalities.


Smart City Polygon is a unique project where the latest smart technologies work in a real environment.


The project has been implemented by OMEXOM GA Energo, a leader in electrical installations.


Because we are looking ahead and we see the future in smart technologies that provide a great experience for city residents.


We will handle all the smart technology planning and installation for you. Write to:


You can find an example of Smart City infrastructure on the outskirts of Pilsen: Na Střílně 1929/8, 323 00 Plzeň 1.