Smart and economical lighting
We asked OMEXOM GA Energo to help us save energy and to install lighting that could be controlled remotely. The new outdoor LED lighting is energy efficient, and enables us to check whether the lights are working anywhere in the premises, and also where any fault has occurred. The remote lighting control system enables us to adjust lighting intensity and regulate the time periods when the lights should be on.

Roman Nezval (Director of AREA BORY)

Flowbox at the gym
We ordered Flowbox technology from OMEXOM GA Energo to support our facility management. As we are a small gymnastics club with no employees, and the vast majority of facility management activities are carried out by our own members on a voluntary basis, we needed to find a way to provide a financially and organisationally optimal solution for monitoring building operation without the need for any physical presence. The new technology installed includes a system that keeps track of people coming and going. The recording CCTV system provides a real-time overview of the premises, and smart lighting means the lights can be switched on or off remotely. It is also possible to remotely lock the building, or grant access to other people. This means we are freed from the costs of, for example, a doorman who is normally in charge of these matters.

Petr Svoboda (CEO)